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best news in the past 10 years

best news in the past 10 years

Mike S.
Osama bin laden is dead after a fire fight w/ U.S. Navy S.E.A.L.s As of 04:00hrs Afghanistan time on 4/30/2011 he was found in a mansion type compound in Pakistan 40 miles from the capital no u.s. injuries three enemy adult male combatants were K.I.A there was one women who was killed because the enemy combatants used her as a shield and after the shoot out the seal team toke the body of this despicable man ran DNA test to confirm it was him it was and as of 10:30 hrs may second our time he was barred at sea to deny him a martyrs grave it is about dang time that punk is reasponible for the deaths of 1,000s of U.S. men women and children
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