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Phantom L16 Extreme Quad Band Router

Phantom L16 Extreme Quad Band Router

Phantom Inc. has released the fastest commercially available router. The L16 features the ability to bridge two internet connections, two WiFi connections and the ability to bridge two LAN ports for increased Download and Upload speeds. The L16 features a custom eight core Soc featuring 8 Tomcat cores clocked at 3.1Ghz, 2 internet ports, 7 USB ports(3 rear, 4 front), 16 Gigabit LAN ports(12 rear, 4 front), eight antennas and a 4" touch screen. The L7 supports quad channel WiFi, 2.4Ghz A at 1000Mbps, 2.5Ghz B at 1000Mbps, 5Ghz A at 2000Mbps and 5Ghz at 2000Mbps. The L16 features a unique 4" touch screen for quick and easy setup negating the need to too install bulky software or mess with complicated web browsers.
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