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National Gallery of Armenia

National Gallery of Armenia

John Nadjarian
The National Gallery of Armenia is the national art gallery of Armenia founded in 1921 as the artistic section of the State Museum. It is located on the Republic Square in Yerevan. The old Armenian subdivision owns works of famous Armenian artists beginning from the early medieval period. Today its collection has over 19,000 artworks shown in Russian, Armenian and West European sections, including paintings, sculptures, graphic and applied arts.[1] Some of the works date back to the Middle Ages, which indicate Armenia's rich tales and stories of the times. It houses paintings by many European masters as well. The National Art Gallery of Armenia has many branches in Yerevan and other towns of the republic. The memorial-houses of the artist Hakob Kojoyan and the sculptor Ara Sarkissian are in the capital. They exhibit the best works of these two famous artists. #Arami_St #Armenia #Art #Art_Center #Erevan #Gallery #John_Nadjarian #Museum #National_Gallery_of_Armenia #Republic_Square #Yerevan
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