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Rainbow Swash (Boston gas tank)

Rainbow Swash (Boston gas tank)

The Rainbow Swash is a work of art by (Sister Mary) Corita Kent in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, MA. Painted on a 140-foot (43 m) tall LNG storage tank, it is the largest copyrighted work of art in the world. In 1971, then-Boston Gas Company president Eli Goldstone commissioned Corita Kent to create a design to be painted on one of two adjacent gas tanks facing Boston's Southeast Expressway (I-93). An 8-inch (20 cm) model was used for the original design. As America was at war with Vietnam at the time, it was suspected that the end of the blue stripe facing passing cars resembled Ho Chi Minh as a sign of protest, but Kent denied any profiles were embedded in the design. In 1992, the original rainbow-painted tank was torn down and the Rainbow Swash was recreated on the remaining tank despite objections from veterans groups (However, the blue stripe is less pronounced in the reproduction). In 2000, Boston Gas was acquired by Keyspan and the Keyspan logo replaced the Boston Gas logo under the rainbow. Keyspan in turn was acquired and merged into National Grid, whose logo has now been on display since 2007. #Boston #Corita_Kent #Dorchester #gas_tank #Keyspan #Rainbow_Swash
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