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Deutsche Stadion

Deutsche Stadion

Mikey T.
You all know my tendancy to make half baked complex models, well it also seems Albert Speer, Hitlers best friend and chief architect ,also did the same. I present the Deutsche Stadion, a stadium of epic proportions that only the Nazi would need. Although I do admit I would love to see this thing actually built. Back to the model, Albert claimed he designed it for 405,000 people, whereas I, following the architectural plans as closely as I can, and I do mean closely, only managed to fit 280,895 people in here. And that was according to Martin's seating calculations. If Albert was to have his said amount it would either be stone bench seating or extremely tight seats, thus my reason for making the seat texture a stone bench. Beyond that I left the display edges to show because the whole model is a white colour and it brings greater depth to the model. I ask you that you enjoy looking at this model as I spent rougly 18 hours on it. Even negative comments would be welcome so long as they help me improve. I'm glad to say I'm back. #Deutsche #Deutsche_Stadion #German #German_Stadium #Nitronic12 #Stadion #Stadium
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