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AATO (Acme Acres) Flanders Street Station (Cardinal Line)

AATO (Acme Acres) Flanders Street Station (Cardinal Line)

Flanders Street is a local station on the Cardinal Line of the Acme Acres Subway, located at the intersection of Flanders Street, Harland Street and Elroy Street. The station, built in 1923 and renovated in 1995, has two side platforms and four tracks (the two inner tracks are unused during late nights) with no crossover or crossunder. The busiest entrance leads to the Acme Looniversity-bound platform and is located on a traffic island where Harland Street and Elroy Street meet. The entrance to the Southport-bound platform is on the west side of Harland Street but the booth is not staffed at all times. There are part-time exits with an exit turnstile and an emergency turnstile one block north at Kennebec Street on both platforms. This is the closest station to the Acme Law School and to Furrball's alleyway cardboard box home. Credit is given to the people whose models I've used in this model. Special thanks to tyree89733 for the original station and subway tunnel (which also extends for a few hundred feet beyond the station). Feel free to use this in your models, but please do not re-upload this and claim that you made it, that model will be reported to Trimble if it is done. #Acme #Acres #Adventures #Cardinal #commute #Elroy #Flanders #Harland #Kennebec #Line #local #metro #station #Street #subway #Tiny #Toon #transportation #tube #underground #US #USA
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