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MY2013 VIVA XrossOver 7 XE

MY2013 VIVA XrossOver 7 XE

Humberto Añez
A remake from the original. Presenting the new VIVA XrossOver 7, that is full-size crossover SUV. It's pricing starts from $42,500. As the name says, it has 7 seats. It uses a 4.2 V8 engine (Which is GAC origin) that is very powerful. But, also, can be chosen a 5.9 V10 Engine. The base of the car is an unfinished NOSA Magnum, and as it was incomplete, I had to do the rest of the car, and badly, the results are not too many good. Rims by juan, Mirrors by █████████ (Retired since September 2010),Interior from the 2008 Englewood SUV by BmrCT (It fitted perfectly!), Engine by Gonzalo (old account), Spoiler by JMP ®™, Exhausts by AD9, Windscreen wipers by D@n! and car body from the NOSA Magnum WIP from NOLA Saint. Don't use without my permission. Please rate! #AD9 #auto #BmrCT #car #crossover_suv #Dn #fullsize #GAC #Gonzalo #juan #NOLA_Saint #suv #VIVA #XrossOver #xrw960h
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