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Google SketchUp Models Museum

Google SketchUp Models Museum

SketchyKo Designs™
Hello Google SketchUp Designers! This is a museum for Google SketchUp models! 5 minutes ago I put the finishing touches to the model. I decided to upload but it was too big!! So I had to erase the interior :( Some information about the museum. It's a big building with modern features. It has big windows and the entrance is at the back )yeah, i know its weird). On the roof are solar panels. The intention was that there were several rooms in the building, in every room were some bases with a glass 'box'. In each box should be a model, a model designed by a modeler of the 3D warehouse. So it was a museum full of several models made by several designers... but okay, i didnt manage, still I hope you enjoy the exterior. #architecture #architectuur #building #design #exterior #gebouw #glass #modelers #models #modern #museum #sketchup
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