IMS-HB25 - 'Azrael'
The Azrael is a Heavy Class Fighter/Bomber, designed to be able to carry a large variety of weaponry. Thanks to the MED (Modular Equipping Device) it is fast and easy to re-equip the Azrael for the weapons needed to a mission. In the cockpit there's place for a pilot and a radar operator for direct combat information. This armament consists of 4x High Output Reactive Bombs, 2x mounted Medium Railgun turrets, 2x 'Vampire' 40mm Autocannons firing the HVSS rounds (High Velocity Space Sabot rounds), 2x 35mm Heavy Gatling Gun turrets firing the HEAA rounds (High Explosive Anti-Aircraft rounds) and the standard 2x 20mm Medium Gatling Gun. Mounted with the medium-range fold engine gives the Azrael a very long range compared to other aircraft. #autocannon #bomber #fighter #gatling_gun #ICF #IMS #Infinity #Macross #MICF #railgun #spaceship
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