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Decknar Airlines Boeing 727-2L7

Decknar Airlines Boeing 727-2L7

This aircraft has been in service with Decknar since the early 70's, and we intend to keep in service until 2035. The 727 is one of the best aircraft to ever be put into service. We salvage all our 727 from airplane grave yards. We bring them to the brickton airfeild were we fully restore them to there origional state. We have 33 727's in operation and intend to expand that fleet. Thanks to Airplanenerd777 for the beautiful 727, and 707 for the update. Comment and rate. Awesome News!!!!!! The Decknar 727 will be featured at the 2013 Sketchup Car show!!!!! N68372 will be flying over the car show and making an apperiance there! ©2013 Boeingfan727 #707 #Decknar_Airlines #Sketchup_2013_Car_Show
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