Made 100% by me, based off the looks of Sergio's brilliant gun. Basicly the sequel to the X-00 and NK-07, but made more for defence or police actions. the DR-64 is the newest IDAF gun. More compact than the X-00, but with most of the same features. The DR-64 is a triple-action plasma gun, with three modes: Full Auto, Semi Auto, and Burst, for different situations this comes in very useful, it also has a grenade launcher. It has a retractable shoulder pad, scope, and flashlight/camera/heatfinder that all links directly with the soldiers HUD. It is very useful for most all types of combat, however the X-00 is better for outright fighting with its longer barrel, the DR-64 is unsurpassed in raiding and police action. Took me a while to make, but still was worth it, IDAF needs more guns.. #gun #IDAF #Metallic_Blue_Storm #Natedude888 #NDAF #shoot #UAF
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