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Elven Treehouse

Elven Treehouse

Seventy foot tall tree home for tall, Tolkienesque Elves (but if you shrink it to 25% it's perfect for Keebleresque Elves. :) Elf Sang is standing out front, doesn't he look nice with his forest garb and pointy ears? A spiral staircase inside the trunk leads up to three floors in the foliage above. Elf Sang's Tree Home comes equipped with kitchen, bathrooms, and eight leafy sleeping bowers on the top floor. Elf Sang has just purchased the place and so he hasn't bought his new furniture. Should he go with Forest Chic, Elves and Crafts, or Beleriand Modern? This is the sort of sophisticated home grown from special Elven trees, using magic to shape their growth. I'd recommend using the section plane to look at the interior #bath #bathroom #bathtub #bedroom #Elf #Elf_Sang #home #house #kitchen #Sang #sink #spiral_staircase #staircase #stove #tree #treehouse #tub
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