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14wittingo-Design 2

14wittingo-Design 2

My building is a bowling alley. The bowling pins on top are just for a design. The building is two stories. The first floor is for the bowling and shoe rental. The second floor is for parties and also for storage space. It has a sunken floor for the area that you actually do the bowling (that it why the floor are higher than usual. Two bathrooms (one for boys and one for girls) will be on the first floor also. The building will be made out of wood so it will still look somewhat similar to the rest of the buildings in Forest Hills Gardens. There will be four windows on the sides of the 1st and 2nd floor. There will be an emergency exit on the back side of the building. The middle box is an elevator and a staircase to get up to the second floor. The 4 cylinders are to help hold the building up. There will be an outside place to eat in between the 1st and 2nd floors. #BSGE_Bowling
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