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Ride of the Will 'o Wisp

Ride of the Will 'o Wisp

Jana(AKA Hozark)
It was a plain clear night. Not a cloud in the sky, and only the crickets broke the quiet. I was on my way home when a bank of fog spread from around the bridge ahead. Stranger things had happened, so I thought little of it, until the fog lit up next to me, like some one was going out to pass. When we split the fog on the other side, I found this old hot rod tooling along next to me, reving it's engine and honking it's horn. There was no driver, and I could see into the floor boards, and there was no one there, either. Finally, it romped on it and tore off into the night, dissapearing into another bank of fog before I could catch it. All I got was a glimpse of the pinstriping along the roll pan. It said "The Will 'O Wisp." -I'm working on a series of works based around this. #chase #ghastly #ghost #ghost_car #haunted #Hot_rod #night #phantom #race #racecar #specter #spectre #speed
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