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Galileo Class Colony Ship

Galileo Class Colony Ship

Isaac R.
I've had to delete some of the details on the Magnifico Shuttle, and the Bohemia Habitats to reduce file size but I think I've reached a decent compromise. The Galileo Class Colony Ship is a sleeper ship with beds for 8. It has no facilities, artificial gravity, or crew quarters and is designed for the 8 person crew to be automatically woken up when the ship reaches the orbit of its target planet. The large solar panels, reactor core, and ion drive allow the Galileo Class to generate enough power to travel very long distances, and to arrive with enough power to seed a colony. Typically colony ships like the Galileo would carry an all female crew and a genetic library of thousands of potential donors, as well as a comprehsive hoticultural sampling This technique allowed a relatively small crew the genetic diversity to essentially seed a planet for human Habitation. #colony #colonyship #future #habitat #interior #realistic #Scifi #sleeper_ship #space #spaceship #starship
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