De Werf
The arrival of the Nautical Centre allows the port of Scheveningen to develop into a regional centre for sailing. The Nautical Centre is located in a quaint harbour, close to the beach and the centre of Scheveningen-Bad (Scheveningen-on-the-Sea). Due to the ‘reversal’ of the yacht harbour, an attractive wharf is created on the harbour side of the complex. Thus, allowing Scheveningen to profile itself as a European seaport. The centre is located at Landhoofd C, on the 2nd inner harbour of Scheveningen and can be looked upon as the centre of yachting activity. The Yacht Wharf is a commercial building that houses maritime showrooms and commercial spaces. It is the first phase of a sail and leisure project that will be realised in two phases. The building is shaped in an L-form and embraces the plateau on which the ships stand. The showrooms face the ‘Hellingweg’. This side of the building features a high degree of glazing. Together with the future phase of the Nautical Centre, the building forms the entrance to the lower portion of the area. Design Year: 2003 Architects: ir. Hans Kuiper, arch. Frans Dirks #Architecture #Building #KOW #Nautisch_Centrum_de_Werf #Office_Building
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