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The BetamaX-1 project is a response to the decommissioning of the Space Shuttle program by NASA. In the absence of any further STS missions, Josh and Derek will be left with no means of returning to Earth, should they ever decide to. The BetamaX-1 project is a contingency plan to be put in place to allow SpaceCamp to travel to and from Earth without requiring the scientific, logistical, or mechanical aid of NASA or any other terrestrially-based space program. If commissioned, Josh and Derek will modify a Ford Aerostar or comparable vehicle (in size and naming convention), retrofitting it to act as a reusable launch system and orbital spacecraft. Physical modifications will include the addition of wings, fins, and electrical systems necessary to make the platform space-worthy. Other changes will include the installation of an integral mobile wireless hub, for use by SpaceCamp and any within range, editing stations, a chillzone, and a cargo bay to transport the Space Bar. Josh and Derek will design, research, build, and test the vehicle themselves. The craft will be a mobile art space and headquarters for SpaceCamp, allowing them to travel from the imaginary space of the Orbital Video Archive, to very real spaces around the United States of America. #Aerostar #Space #Space_Exploration #Space_Shuttle #VHS #Video
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