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Hypothetical London Blitz Memorial

Hypothetical London Blitz Memorial

Paul Olak
A permanent #war memorial dedicated to everything that was lost during the London blitz. The memorial shall also act as the new gateway to the #IWM museum. I also envisioned a small temporary pavilion that can be dismantled easily after its purpose has been served. The pavilion's exhibition would provide information about Lambeth's secrets and its turbulent past. Both the pavilion and the memorial would be created by ACPs (aluminium composite panels) which can be printed and embossed; meaning that the relatively flat texture, yet colour demanding (on a rich grey scale) facade of the building shall simply be printed, to give an extraordinary and dramatic colour and feel. The form of the memorial was inspired by the pre-WWII Mission Church; to signify the London Blitz it is made to look partially distressed and destroyed. You may not use this model or any aspect of my design without my permission. Model and description © 2017 Paul Olak
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