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KAVSPEED 2013 Lada 110 (2110)

KAVSPEED 2013 Lada 110 (2110)

Andrew Endominium
The Lada 110 is still made for the Egyptian and Zazan market (that's right, this mental disorder that made me create Zazo hasn't been cured yet). This vehicle was originally made by Mr. Planet, who I hear is now back from retirement. This is for a fictional Russian crime syndicate operating in Endominium City, the capitol of Zazo. The gang is known as Kavs, but the ECPD believes that every time anyone talks about Kavs, they're talking about KAVSPEED, a tuning company owned by Kavs (you know, to generate money that they lone, similar to the Gambinos of New York City, though the Gambinos do trash collection and handmade bookmaking). This has a 2.3l flat-6 engine (0.7l and 2 cylinders more than the original engine) that produces around 210hp, 120hp more than the original engine. It has a 6-speed manual or automatic (some members of the syndicate prefer manual, and vice versa) transmission. AD9 made the exhaust pipes, Hobbnobb made the front additional lights, and I don't remember who made the wheels, but I imagine they was made by AD9. I made the spoiler. It's not the best, it's a first-attempt. (Yes, I know that I usually put the credits in the tags, but I forgot about it until I already typed the credits, and I didn't feel about moving the credits.)
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