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Flying Like a Kiss MD-96 {2Mb}

Flying Like a Kiss MD-96 {2Mb}

THIS IS THE MOST CRÅPPY AIRLINE LIVERY EVER POSSIBLE! Look at that wierd line! Look at those lips!!! EWWW!!! THA PINK COLOR! OOOWWWHH!! But I need it to do my Aircraft Fail model. Don't worry, it's fictional. LOL, so sexy. AND AWKWARD! Flying Like a Kiss H.S.A. is an airline formed by Juliana Carloh on March 19, 2015. At first the company's deal wasn't successful because of the pinkish livery on the aircraft which the owner didn't wish to change. To save paint, the lips on the disks of the gears were painted only on rear landing gear. The front is the color all airplane landing gear have. To attract passengers, the owner told the designer to add as many exits as possible and remove all the lavatories [get ready it's getting worse]. Out of 15 MD-90-30 aircraft ordered, only 2 arrived as there are too many exits and paints on the aircraft, thus the modified version is too expensive {lol}.///The airline's headquarters are in the One World Trade Center office of previous RAir Inc. The company's main & only hub is the John F. Kennedy International Airport of New York, NY. As the company has only 2 aircraft, it operates only 2 routes. To and from Denver & and to and from Toronto. On August 3, 2015 the [this is gonna be my next model and the funniest part of this] 2 planes {LOL} nose to nose [REMEMBER ABOUT THE LIPS!!!] while taxiing to the opposite ends of the runway {*ROFL*} and both aircraft are too expensive to repair. READ TAGS. #30 #After_August_5 #Airline #Airlines #ay #Douglas #FAIL #Flying #Kiss #Like #McDonnel #MD90 #MD9030 #MD96
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