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1969 Mustang BOSS

1969 Mustang BOSS

piggy jones
Orginal by Marian87. I added a big white stripe down the car, and gave it a red, black, and white color scheme. I changed the interior of the car to black leather, with carbon fiber and alumninum trim, then did the same with the trunk. Also added speakers by "gangsta", and changed the colors to match the theme. The back seats are by CCG custom car garage, and front seats are by A.L.. I then added a shifter by guyolly, and added a red base to it, then put in a radio by AD9, an emblem by supercar16, clock by crystal pepsi, and rims by eezers and zxt. steering wheel by janez, This car also has an engine and other parts, which are by marian. If there is a component of yours that i did not give credit to, please tell me in a rate and i will change it. Please Rate #awesome #car #custom #fast #Mustang
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