treehouse (Learning By Doing  - Guggenheim competition)

treehouse (Learning By Doing - Guggenheim competition)

It is the variation about a treehouse, 'flying' about 50 cm above the ground (to protect from wather and minimalise the nature eploration). The location is the 'Bialowieski Forest' in East part of Poland. The contruction is composed of two translucent boxes (made of polycarbonate panels) that 'are taking the geometry of the forest' by enveloping them in the membrans. The first of them is a working space (horizontally opened to show the movement of the working process and get a contact with the nature), the second box is a sleeping area (opened to the sky and safe). The house has simply construction, is easy to make. It is a place where you can relax and gather your thoughts. #mambrane #nature #polycarbonate_panels #shelter #treehouse #wood
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