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Durham Center

Durham Center

The Charles W. Durham and Margre Henningson Durham Center for Computation and Communication was opening in 1989 housing Electrical and Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, and Microcomputer Products Center. The Durhams are 1939 graduates of Iowa State University who made a three million dollars contribution to expand the computer facilities. This building is part of a sequence of improvements to give Iowa State students one of the best computer systems in the world. Durham Center serves as the university headquarters for telecommunication and IT solution center. Also in Durham Center is a reconstruction of the Atanasoff-Berry Computer, the first electronic digital computing device conceived in 1937. In 2006 Iowa State researchers purchased an IBM Blue Gene/L supercomputer to increase computing power and put Iowa State among the top 10 university supercomputers. This building was modeled by Benjamin Schwartz. #AtanasoffBerry_Computer
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