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My God... It's full of Stars!

My God... It's full of Stars!

The HAL 9000 computer utility suffered an apparent malfunction which leads to the death of all humans on board the USSC Discovery One except Commander David Bowman. Through determination and cunning, Commander Bowman was able to outwit the supercomputer and regain control of the spaceship Discovery. Upon orbital insertion around Jupiter (LaGrange point between Io and Jupiter), however, David Bowman is confronted with a huge, black featureless monolith (TMA-2) with the exact proportions of The Tycho Monolith, 1 by 4 by 9 (the squares of the first three ordinals). He took an EVA space pod to investigate. The last transmition from David Bowman before disapearing was: "My God...It's full of Stars!" -----( Don't rate it!! It's not my model )----- #2001 #2010 #Discovery #films #Leonov #Movies #SciFi #science_fiction #Syd_Mead
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