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Acceleration script by 6677

Acceleration script by 6677

Callum K.
Pros: Only have to change controller once in script rather than multiple times. More versatile controllers accepting ruby formulas aswell as standard joyRY as shown in this example. Proportional control over speeds that always seems to work fully. Thruster compatible. Shorter. Wacov microsoft word count=32, mine microsoft word count=20 Piston and servo compatible. Cons: Piston and servo compatibility has no purpose i can think of and is in wacovs. Very similar looking to wacovs original script which i now only understood after looking at my own. Decel very ineffective making very little to no difference over normal unavoidable decel from momentum (in this example. further testing needed). With all the mass they carry thrusters almost seem to work with their own acceleration and deceleration anyway. Change setVars: accel and decel to your specified rate. The higher the number the quicker it will accel or decel. Change setVar: control to your controller input. On the motor/servo/piston the script is being used on put: -(0.5-getVar('speed')) as a controller and place the script in the yellow box somewhere in ontick in the model. And make sure you pat yourself on the back having bored yourself to death reading this far. #6677 #acceleration #and #deceleration #physics #script #sgtajohnson #sketchy #sketchyphysics #wacov #written
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