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Grrek Memorial, Dhaka

Grrek Memorial, Dhaka

Nafis Fuad Khan
This is an initiative of the Reverie Project. Greeks were the last among European merchants to come to Bangladesh. They came to Bangladesh around the 18th century. They constructed a memorial in Dhaka. It was constructed for the memory of the Greek merchants who died while in Dhaka. The Greek memorial was built around AD 1900, and appears like an ancient Greek temple; it is a small yellow structure on land owned by the Greek Community, which flourished in Dhaka in the 19th century. It is inside the Teachers and Students Training Centre (TSC) of the University of Dhaka and stands alone on the main Shahbagh Avenue and faces Ramna Race Course. To its southern side is the Atomic Research Centre and to its north a Student's Centre. It is considered to be the only such structure extant outside Greece.
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