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My ideal studio home

My ideal studio home

A design I made during my second year at university. I made the design based on what I would like in a house. The bedroom and kitchen is to have an external materiality of oak and corten and a modern interior with an arrangement to spend time there only for eating and sleeping. The main section of the house to have a more classic interior with auburn brick and oak (oak being a constant material throughout to keep continuity). The main section of the house to be the main living area with a studio, and leisure facilities as well as a small kitchen on the first floor. Due to the use of the site, light will have to come in through large open skylights whilst underneath the garden, light tubes will have to be used. The nature of the entrance allows to keep privacy from the main street but to open up the entrance area by having wider paving and surrounding it in glazing which also reveals the house to be total open plan. The mains to the house (gas, water, electricity) as well as refusal can be housed in the triangular section to the front the ground floor beneath the smaller kitchen. The design does lack a second bedroom though if this were wanted, customisation of the smaller kitchen in the main area will allow for this with ease. Please rate and give your input – I have provided visualisations with furniture #bedroom #brick #corten #dream #glazing #home #ideal #kitchen #lincoln #oak #street #vine
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