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Golf2 / AUDI Heatercore

Golf2 / AUDI Heatercore

Golf2 / AUDI Heatercore - 2x 120m radiator. High density, non-restrictive, Aluminum with copper tubes. Works best in pull configuration of 2x120mm with high airflow, or 4x120mm push/pull with less airflow, respectively - noise. Ex.: my system - opteron 144 @ 2872MHz, 1.57V + Galaxy 7600GS 128DDR3, 748(720)MHz core, voltmod 1.63V Waterblocks are these - http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=e4d3646e27265069fd317356b6ef0ebc, RAD has 4x120mm @900rpm fans, room temp - 23-24C. Pump is 800l/h, 1.80m H2O, 600l/h effective flow. Temps - full cpu load, gpu idle - 38C/cpu, 40C/gpu full load cpu, full load gpu - 38C/cpu, 45C/gpu #120 #audi #computer #cool #cooling #fan #golf #golf2 #heatercore #rad #radiator #tube #water #watercooling #wc
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