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Arc De Triomphe

Arc De Triomphe

a aircraft carrier from a fanfiction of mine that takes place in the Full Metal Panic universe. The book names the figures to be 1.5k long, 500ft wide. I didnt measure it to begin with but it is 1.3k long and 300ft wide aprox. The Arc De Triomphe is the flagship of Omicron corp and hte closest thing they have to the Tuatha De Dannan. Omicron Corp is a organization that works for similiar goals of Mithril but with far greater numbers. The Arc De Triomphe can hold at least a thousand AS (arm Slave) Systems within it and nearly seven thousand Abraham tanks. It is reserved for transporting General Kaiser and wartime crisis. #aircraft #aircraft_carrier #arc_de_triomphe #asgard #carrier #fan_fic #fan_fiction #fanfic #full #full_metal #full_metal_panic #gigantic #japan #massive #ocean #russia
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