Soap Box Derby Mission City, BC Champion  (1961)

Soap Box Derby Mission City, BC Champion (1961)

Bill Wrigley
A Soap Box Derby racer from Canada, built and piloted by Raymond Mack of Mission City, British Columbia. Raymond won the local championship in Mission City (now Mission) in 1961, which qualified him to compete at the All-American Nationals in Akron that year. Mission City sent many champions to Akron during its 27 year history (1946 to 1973), one of a handful of Canadian communities, another being St. Catharines, Ontario, that did so on a regular basis. This design was a winning combination of tear-drop sleekness, a low profile, and long narrow body that snugly enclosed the occupant. It also had a very long wheelbase. Constructed in wood and fiberglass, the body boasted a cleft foredeck that allowed the driver to see ahead while crouched low. Many winning cars had this innovation (see my other 1961, 1960 and 1965 racer) though it was phased out in lieu of the recumbent cars of the late sixties. This model is created from two color photographs showing the racer on both sides. In it Raymond can be seen at 3:55, for about 1 1/2 seconds, as he zooms by from left to right. This model shows how the car looked when it raced in Akron. The All-American Championship wheels fitted to it are identified by the 1961 decals, wheelset #76, and painted blue. The livery shows the driver's sponsor, Fraser Valley Record, the car's entry number in Akron, and the driver's name. The modern Canadian flag seen on the fore apron is incorrect for 1961 - it actually debuted in 1965 - suggesting that it was added later. Dimensions (estimated) Overall length - 80" (note: regulation maximum) Overall width - 34 1/2" (note: regulation standard) Overall height - 18 3/4" Wheelbase - 66" Body width - 13 3/4" Ground clearance - 4 3/8" Cockpit opening length - 21 1/4" #AASBD #Akron #All_American #Bill_Wrigley #boîte_à_savon #Brisish_Columbia #caisse_à_savon #Fraser_Valley #gravity_racer #Mission #seifenkiste #Soap_Box_Derby #ソープボックス
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