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Bomb Shelter V.II

Bomb Shelter V.II

Dan L.
A complex Bomb Shelter, designed to support up to 16 people for a year. The ceiling is 50 feet underground, and the whole structure is encased in 10 feet of composite metal and concrete protection. There are 8 bedrooms, each with sufficient storage for 2 people. There is a small kitchen and food storage room, and a separate toilet and shower facilities. There is a records room, with lots of space for the important documents of the shelter's occupants. There is also a laundry room, with dual washer/dryers and a waste incinerator. The whole shelter is centred around a main social area, with a pool table, seating and a dining table. There is a fully-fitted theatre, with an extensive speaker system. Large water coolers are dotted around the place. Hope you like it! #Blast #Bomb #Fallout #Refuge #Shelter #War
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