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Sorry Platypus5

Sorry Platypus5

sorry platypus5, im pulling out of the infantry competition, all my attempts to make it die, crawl (which works), shoot and aim have almost failed or failed. the reason for this is when i tried scaling it down to the size its meant to be i found it doesnt crawl at all, and this added with a killing system that wont let it crawl either meant that it failed. Also its a bit late trying to make a new soldier from scratch now. if i did make a new one if i got any problems it would mean that it wouldnt be finnished in time, so i might as well quit now. hoever if platypus5 wants to allow the crawler ive already got then fair enough but im pulling out. DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE TAG SKETCHYPHYSICS CUS THE MODEL RELATED TO THIS CONTAINED PHYSICS, also if you do complain ill add a hindge join into the model :D #crawler #crawling #platypus5 #Platypus5infantrycontest #sketchyphysics #soldier #walking
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