USMC MARINES DESERT  fortified position outpost

USMC MARINES DESERT fortified position outpost

Nikos D.
You also can see most of the models rendered and or animated at: All the models are parts of much bigger diorammas, Many models I create them from scratch. Many models are made by great designers and I edit them in order to fit my dioramma needs. If you are into modding, unreal engine, 3dstudio max, dioramma making or have any relative design needs feel free to download. Most of my diorammas are over 50MB. Models are based on real models, prototypes, or mixture of real models with existing technology and blueprints, mostly within scale. Good high detailed models if you need to design your own unique pc game or historic documentary dioramma presentations. Models can be rendered in: 3d studio max,vray, lumion, podium, unreal engine, twin motion, cinema4d, maya, and also in most models you can add motion in: 3d studio max, maya, unreal engine, etc. Enjoy #Please_do_not_spam_tags
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