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True Mulga (Acacia aneura)_3

True Mulga (Acacia aneura)_3

KangaroOz 3D
Mulga is the Indigenous Australian name for the semi-arid scrub that covers a large part of Australian mainland. The dominant species in the Mulga, which is Acacia aneura, is called True Mulga. True Mulga is a very variable species, that can be found as low shrub or medium sized tree, depending on the growing conditions. It is long lived (200 to 300 years) when undisturbed by fire. It can collect rainfall through the phyllodes and it’s roots can reach deep waters. Differently from Eucalypt Woodland, Mulga has a very limited capability to re-sprout after fire. True Mulga is a valuable fodder source for Australia’s pastoral industry. Origin : Central and Western Australia. Height : up to 15 m., commonly 7 m. #Acacia #Australia #Australian #Central #Desert #Semiarid #Tree #True_Mulga #Western
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