Front Loaded Horn homemade PA speaker

Front Loaded Horn homemade PA speaker L.
Front loaded horn homemade PA speaker. home made PA speaker with subwoofer in back w/ removable tinted plexy glass. also on it is three 300watt mid/highs and a little midbass tube horned speakers. subwoofer: 4ohms,1200watt. 3 mids/highs/midbass: 4ohms, 900watts(they are conected in seaires) can be bi amped or just full range conection. 200HZ-5HZ is what it can do. toatle power for fullrange: 2100watts cost to build: (includeing MDF wood, plexy glass, crossover and drivers) 1100$ thats how much is for one. for 2: 2200$ and for 4: 4400$ note: theas r all costum parts and high quallity parts. #all #cars #cool #home #midrange_speaker #speakers #subwoofers
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