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St. Anthony's Rectory

St. Anthony's Rectory

Creating Hartford
The St. Anthony’s Rectory is a two-story brick building located on the southwest corner of North Main and Church Street. The building was built in 1968 as the new modern rectory for St. Anthony’s Catholic Church. The front porch and side entrance are not original and a small one-story wood-framed connector, attaching to the garage is also seen as not being original to the main structure. The new rectory was built in the location of a c.1872 Italianate house that the church had purchased in 1892 and converted to a rectory somewhere around 1897. The Italianate house was originally the Myron and Jennie Pratt House. In 1907 that house or more commonly known as the white building to the left, as if facing the church, was converted to the St. John’s Convent and occupied the Sisters of Mercy. The house on the right, as if facing the church, was then turned into the new rectory. The church decided to go with that building as the new rectory instead of using the building that already served as the rectory because they had purchased all of the land and buildings from the previous owners. In order for the new rectory to be built the buildings that were there had to be demolished and removed. The local fire department razed all the buildings now on Church property to make way for the new rectory. The garage that is attached to the southern side of the rectory is a three bay garage. It was built in 1969 after the initial building was built in 1968. #Creating_Hartford #Rectory #St_Anthonys #White_River #WRJ
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