The sofa also called sofas, ottoman or, less properly, canopé, is a padded seat with armrests as an armchair, but of elongated shape so that it can accommodate more people at the same time. It is a common element of modern private and public furnishings. In dwellings is usually placed in the living room, in public places is frequently found in the waiting rooms. Despite the similarity, for example, with the Roman triclinio, the modern sofa entered Western culture from the Ottoman world. The same term "sofa" comes from the Arabic word of Persian origin dīwān, with which the administrative records were kept, kept in a special place where the scribes were sitting on pillows. From the record, the term meant the environment and, in a translucent manner, the set of pillows on which the writing staff sat. Already in the Caliphs era, the word was useful to designate state administrations and survived in the Ottoman Empire, with reference to the Council of Ministers. Not so differently, it came out with the word "sofa", derived from arabic suffa, which means "cushion". The original term was frenchized in divan to indicate a long bench with side panels or armrests. The first period of great diffusion in Europe dates back to the period of Louis XV and the neoclassical era, while the most important historical moment was that of Louis XVIII and the Restoration. #couch #sofa
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