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Snow Hog Texture

Snow Hog Texture

This is the actual Snow warthog texture. i cant be shitcanned in using it on my Snow Hog. you guys can use it if u want BUT credit me. @Mousedroid Well, there are multiple ways. the easiest way bieng if you have the actual halo 3 warthog model extract, you could open it in sketchup, export to blender/kerkythea and apply the texture there. it will match to it with UVs exported when u extract the model. as for applying the texture in sketchup, i the only way is to do it by hand. which is so time consuming that it would be quicker and easier to make your own warthog, unwrap it, and paint the unwrapped surfaces with the texture, set it to project, and reassemble the unwrapped warthog. i think thats how .BTM did his one, but i just did my one from scratch. if you cant understand any of that jabberwacky then im sure Blender's manual will tell you how to do it. i almost never make textured models in blender, i use kerkythea for my textured models. #Collin_L #halo #halo_2 #halo_3 #halo_chaingun #halo_warthog #halo_warthog_chaingun #hog #mombassa #new #new_mombassa #scifi #snow #texture #warthog #warthog_chaingun #warthog_chaingun_texture #warthog_texture
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