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Memorial "Eternal Flame" Irkutsk

Memorial "Eternal Flame" Irkutsk

Men in Black
The memorial complex dedicated to the memory of Siberian soldiers who fell in the battles against the Nazi invaders during the Great Patriotic War. Designed by architect VN Fedorina, artist VG Smagina. Open May 8, 1975 eternal flame is illuminated by the torch, delivered over from the walls of the Moscow Kremlin from the tomb of the Ignoto Milite. For the front during the war years Irkutsk took 211 000, 50 000 of them did not return home. The names of 37 Irkutsk - Heroes of the Soviet Union sculpted on the wall of the central wing of the building administration of the Irkutsk region. Each year, on the day of victory, mass celebrations are held in memory of the fallen soldiers. #Eternal_flame #Irkutsk #memorial
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