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2014 Omega Bullet GS(first test)

2014 Omega Bullet GS(first test)

As you see the 2014 camaro facelift and slight update and a whole new ford mustang on its way the Omega Bullet is at its finally at its last facelift for the generation... the omega bullet fell behind the camaro and mustang but still manage to beat the challenger in the long run...first off exterior goten new head lights that still follow the current year shape and the turning signal are now located on the front bumper...the trims/ the 2014 bullet GS will recieved the MSX AP6 3.3L inline 6/orignally called GTS is now called GT-O is getting the IPT Peregrine 4.4 S/C V8/ new trim called ZS11 will have a track package...features the 2014 bullet will now recieve the (OMEGACONNECT Omega's equivilent to MyFord or OnStar)IOS 6 ipod/iphone connect more infomation for specific trim levels comming soon... WHY DID THEY DELETE THE LOCK BUTTON...(PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS) -_- #2_doors #camaro #challenger #coupe #ICCM #IMMC #mid_size #MSX #muscle_car #mustang #Omega
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