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Mattville International Airport Destroyed & Revised {1Mb}

Mattville International Airport Destroyed & Revised {1Mb}

RedHawk® Panther Drone by SketchUp Country Sheriff, explosion & airport by Matty. 77 flights cancelled and re-directed to other cities where anti-spam units stood and when the spammers were living exploded the jetways. Panther drones arrive to the MIA and shoot rockets unto the runways. 3 more units arrive and shoot the terminals. In total 9 drones shoot out the airport. An approaching Spam Airlines Inc. aircraft is also destroyed. After that Caterpillar D9 bulldozers roll in and cleanup the area. After this farms are built and life is turned to normal. More crops were recovered after this. #Airport #Anti #Destroyed #International #Mattville #MIA #Spam
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