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Elephant t/vt

Elephant t/vt

Matt NWC person
The Elephant is the CINs version of the Jaguar and medium class freighter. These vehicles can carry upwards of 100 hundred troops and dozens of vehicles. (T/vt stands for troop/vehicle transport) It has the support wings to help safely guide it through a planets atmosphere. It has 6 engines but the two on the bottom of the ship are the primary while the 4 up above the hangar are the secondary. All 6 engines can propel the ship at over 5,000 moh in atmosphere and 1,000 in space. It has no weapons to defend itself but it does have speed and armor to help it in combat situations. The bridge has a direct access door in the back which is where the ramp is hooked up to if the Elephant docks on a battleship or titan. The primary engines are the most vulnerable targets but if they are both taken out the secondary engines take over. Credit to atlatbob for the ac-130 wings.
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