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The alternative vehicle (originally the anthrax) is meant to provide clean, efficient, fun transportation in a small, innovative package. Running on two seperately controlled AC motors powering the back wheels, it is carbon- neutral and very sporty. Controlling the AC motors are two separate resistors with notches so that the driver can make sure they are both at the same speed. The reason for two resistors is turning. To carve a turn, you twist your feet and your body so that the wheels tilt from vertical up to 30 degrees off center. The crossbar between them makes sure they are both at the same angle. For sharper turns, the resistors come in. If the left is pushed foreward more than the right, the left wheel will spin at a higher rpm, turning the vehicle right, and vice versa. The AV is built on a lightweight aluminum chassis and has a carbon fiber body and seat bucket. Have fun with my invention. #AC_motor #alternative #anthrax #av #battery_pack #disc_brakes #electric_vehicle #electricic #ev #green #motorcycle #quadricycle #red #steering #suspension #wheels
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