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Długi Targ - 27,28,29

Długi Targ - 27,28,29

Tenement houses are very typical of Gdańsk. During the centuries their appearance underwent a lot of changes. Usually, they have narrow facades ending up with attics or pinnacles and are amply embellished with various coats of arms and antique figures. Tenement houses were owned by the most respectable patricians, merchants as well as the highest town officials. This particular model depicts houses located at Długi Targ - numbers (from right): 27, 28 and 29. In the location of the house no 27 was once a baroque house from the half of 17th century, reconstructed in the early 19th century in the classical style. The reconstruction had been carried out based on the pictures by J. Ciemnołoński. Tenement house no 28 was owned from 1622 by the mayor J.E. Schroer, who rebuilt it, giving the facade a new, baroque look. The current appearance is owed to the studies of J. Sienkowski and J. Ciemnołoński. The front of the tenement house no 29 has been reconstructed - based on the work from S. Michel and J. Ciemnołoński - in the rococo style from the second half of 18th century. The historic portal, originating from Piwna St. 14, to 1945 had been located at Długi Targ 10, whereas the top figure is a creation of A. Smolana. Model authors: Karolina Brodalka & Mateusz Linda from Gdańsku University of Technology - Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics #Długa #Długi_Targ #Gdańsk #Kamienica
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