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Google SketchUp Nintendo DS Software (READ DESCRIPTION!!)

Google SketchUp Nintendo DS Software (READ DESCRIPTION!!)

Mike G.
I give credit to Mr Planet for the Nintendo DS (and stylus). If Google SketchUp were available as software for the Nintendo DS, that would be AWESOME!! If you were to make 3D models on the DS, you could use the stylus as the cursor. To change which tool you use, simply use the D-Pad to navigate through the Top Screen (which is where the tools and the menus are). You can download plugins for it, such as SketchyPhysics, using a USB internet connection or a Wi-Fi connection to a wireless router. To right-click on an object, simply use the Select tool to select an object, such as Bryce, and press the Y button. A quick way to access the Select tool is by pressing the SELECT button. You can do just about anything on the DS version of SketchUp as on the computer. To delete an object, simply select one with the Select tool, and press the X button. Anyways, hope you all like it, and PLEASE DOWNLOAD!! P.S. With SU on the Nintendo DS, you could send your models from the DS to the computer! #A_B_X_Y_buttons #Google #Mr_Planet #Nintendo #Nintendo_DS #SketchUp #SketchyPhysics #software #SP #stylus #SU
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