Dubai City Tower {Vertical city}  (Earth Ready)

Dubai City Tower {Vertical city} (Earth Ready)

Collin Bachet
This will be an environmentally friendly structure. Vertical City is proposed to be the second worlds tallest envisioned tower next to XSEED 4,000 of Japan. Basically it’s made up of 6 separate towers that narrow and intertwine. There will be approximately 4 sky park plazas built around the central core. The central core will have 3 vertical bullet trains. The overall height to the top of the spire will be 8,686 ft Hugging the central spire towards the very top, are 3 energy producing spires that are worked from the wind. The facade is also layered with many solar panels. It will be able to accommodate incoming cruise ships. It is one of many of Dubai’s concept Arcologies. An arcology is a structure that bares a city within it. The completion of this arcology is unknown. #Architecture #Arcology #Building #Burj_Al_Arab #Burj_Dubai #Burj_Khalifa #City #City_Tower #Fun #Future #Giant #Record #Skyscraper #Tall #Thriangle #Tower #World
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