ZIFCA 2012
Zazo International Fictional Concept and Future Automobile presentation convention is a convention that showcases future, concept, present-day, and debuts. IF YOU WANT YOUR MIDEL FEATURED THAT IS NOT UPLOADED TO THE 3D WAREHOUSE, SEND ME PICTURES (Screenshots or Renders) OF THE AUTOMOBILE TO Endominium@textfree.us AND A LITTLE NOTE: FUTURE/CONCEPT SEMIS, MOTORCYCLES, AND IZETTAS ARE WELCOME. Hurry! The deadline is December 15, 2011! (That only gives me 16 days to put in and properly position all of the cars and put the logos on the little thingy where you see that "E" in the model right now!) Don't bother with the 3D view. THIS WILL BE LOCKED UNTIL Zifca 2012 GETS UPLOADED! Since, soon, the model will get pretty large, I will not upload the updates to the 3D Warehouse; I will upload it to Windows Live SkyDrive.
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