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Green Point Stadium textures by zappy bibicy

Green Point Stadium textures by zappy bibicy

Stadium design The stadium will contain 68,000 seats for the World Cup. 55,000 Seats will remain permanent and 15,000 modular seats will be re-used in the deconstruction of the existing Green Point Stadium and other social investment opportunities, leaving opportunities for corporate suites to be retrofitted. The stadium architecture focuses on the exterior appearance as well as on the user experience for the visitor once inside the stadium bowl. The exterior appearance is largely defined by a sweeping silhouette, not to be in competition with the horizontal datum line of Table Mountain, and the façade, made of a stretched fibre-glass mesh and designed as an articulated surface that makes the building appear almost scaleless. #Green #Green_Point #Green_Point_Stadium #Jeroen_Hut #Kaap #Kaapstad #Point #Point_Stadium #Stadium #Wereld #Wereld_Kampioenschap #WK #World #World_ChampionShip #ZuidAfrika
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