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Apam Napat is the name of an Indian water god who appears in Rig Veda, the oldest Indian sacred texts.His name, Apam Napat, is used here as the code name of an art project relating to water and India. This art project is navigated by Sohey who is staying in India as an Young Artist Overseas sent by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, JAPAN. We are trying to build the futuristic Eco-House(CELL HOUSE), collecting ideas and knowledge through the Internet. The place to construct the Cell House and the materials to be used will be developed and decided in consultation with the internet users and specialists. #apamnapat #Art_Project #ecohouse #India_東京芸術大学 #Sohei_Iwta #アパムナパート #アートプロジェクト #インド #エアサイクル #エコハウス #中本式 #岩田草平 #文化庁 #石井式浄化槽
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