Aleka 22
CrowdSource 2D gives you small-batch, high-resolution collections of 2D cutout characters that depict people’s natural movements so you can weave a deeper narrative in your renderings. Each of our characters has over 40 different poses, actions, and props. This means you can use the same character in several images, but doing different things. With CS2D you will never have repetition. Your audience might recognize the same person, but they are always in a different pose. We’ve imported all the images into SketchUp and delivered hundreds of .skp models, giving you the ease of drag-and-drop to use with Twilight Render, Shaderlight, Podium, Enscape, and a handful of other photoreal rendering plugins (other sites just give you the .png). And because we source and pay all of our talent, you no longer have to wonder if your renderings are above board. Sign up for our Freelancer plan to get 5 free characters every month, for $0. Pay just $1 per character after that.
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